Soulee Maya & Brox Harlin Heller
Page 34 -Brox Arrives
 Produced by Bill and Jodi Heller

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Welcome to the Newest Heller
Brox Harlin Heller
Brother of Soulee

Born July 17, 2008 at 6:12pm    Weight 8lb 6oz     Length 20"



Look a puff of white smoke! A new Heller is anointed! It's Brox the 1st

If I put on the booties they can start the whole procedure!

The right one is hard  to put on

I think all of that bootie putting-on is starting the labor

Geesh, I'm pooped

Finally, a little rest

No pictures! I'm selling mine to Popular Mechanics

Tongue Exercises start the labor

Maybe I can finish this book

4 hours already!

 I'm waiting...

Five hours...

14 minutes to lift-off!

One Step for Bill-One step for Jodi...

Now batting for the Cubs...Brox Heller!!!

Where's my batting gloves?

There's no crying in Baseball!!

Mom & Brox after the Grand Opening

Bill using the Hospital's internet to tell the world

Yahoo - The announcement

Boy I sure worked hard on this one!

I think I'll nap now-that was some trip

Welcome to the family, Brox

I get to eat this sumptuous meal after all that work

Brox Harlin Heller

Brox and Jodi

Soulee meets Brox

Mug Shot

Soulee helps out

He's so small!

Grandma Roberta holds Brox

Let's play,  Brox

Let me pet him, Daddy

He's pretty good looking

Mom and Brox

Family Heller

Soulee enjoying her new brother

Our first family photo

Will Brox open his eyes?


C'mon Brox, smile!

You'd be crying too if you just went on the trip I did!

Getting to know you...

Vicki and Roberta

Papa Rich gets acquainted

Soulee and Papa having a great time with Brox

Brox and Papa Rich

Brox showing his allegiance to the Cubs

You went thru this twice!!

Alex and Brox

Rock a bye Baby

Alex hands off Brox to Uncle Jon

I'm an Uncle twice

Jon and Brox

Danny and Brox

Alex, Danny and Brox

Dr Kim with Jodi and Brox

Alex and Brox

Brox sleep at the foot of the bed

Getting set to go home

Putting on my Cubs Uniform

I want number 23!

Me and Dad get set to go into the house
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